4 Tips For Keeping Track of Your Family at Universal Orlando


With huge crowds sweeping through The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley or down the streets of CityWalk, it’s easy for your group to get separated. Regardless of when you head to the parks, they will be packed with people. There used to be a time where you could easily move around the parks, not having to worry about being run over by strollers, and have the room to stretch out your arms without hitting someone. With the crowds getting bigger, it’s getting easier to get separated from your loved ones. It can easily happen, and it’s every parent’s nightmare.

Here are 4 things your family can do to help prevent a family member from getting lost in a crowd, and some handy tips in case they do.

1. Have a meeting point


As soon as you enter the park, it’s important to pick a meeting point, a place where your family can meet if someone gets lost. Wandering around trying to find  someone in those crowds can be practically impossible. You could walk five feet away from someone and not even notice them. Pick somewhere centrally located and make sure everyone knows where it is.

2. Matching shirts


Whether it be matching colours or the same style, matching clothing can really help set your family apart from the crowd. I’m not saying you have to rush out and buy everyone matching Adidas jumpsuits, but you get the idea. It can be as simple as everyone wearing a bright yellow shirt or some people go as far as to create custom T-Shirts with elaborate designs on them. Colors that can be seen the best from afar are yellow, orange or really, any neon colours.

3. Good Morning Photos


Before setting out for the day take a family photo with everyone in it. That way if someone gets lost you will have a recent photo of them. There will be no guessing what they looked like that day, or what they had on. You will have a clear description to help team members locate your loved one.  It can make a huge difference in the time it takes to find your child.

4. Pet Name Tags


This is my personal favourite, and one my family uses. You can purchase these tags at any pet store, and have them engraved with anything you like. The best option is the guardian’s phone number and “please call if lost”. That way no stranger can trick your child into going with them by using their name. So many people put their child’s name on their shirts but that can help a stranger make the child feel like they know them or their parents. Valuable information for someone who has devious motives.

Place the tags on a necklace that your family members can wear under their shirts. Teach your child if they get lost just head to the closest team member and show them the tag. The team member will know what to do. It’s also great for children who might not be able to verbalize their issue very easily. They can just show the team member their necklace and the team member can help them.


There are numerous other choices like temporary tattoos, walkie talkies, or even custom hats. Whichever option you pick, make sure you do something to protect your family on your Universal vacation.