Minion Cafe Photo Tour at Universal Orlando Resort

Minion Cafe has entered its soft opening period at Universal Studios Florid! The quick-service restaurant is Minion overload. You walk into the restaurant straight into the kitchen where the Minions are cooking up your meal. To the right is their breakroom space with lots of details on how the Minions can relax in their downtime, special foosball, vending machine, lockers, time clock, and so much more. The dining room is on the opposite side and is completely taken over by artwork made by the Minions and inspired by their family. There is also an outdoor patio section.

The restaurant has a counter you can order from. However, it’s primarily meant as a mobile order-only location. A helper will guide you to a table, or you can select your own, and there will be a QR code and a number. You order through the Universal Orlando official app and then input your table number and your food is delivered. The menu is comprised of nearly 20 items inspired by the Minions and the movies.

Take a look around the restaurant and savor the details!