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Closed on Nov 2, 2015 for Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon

Based on the 1996 film, Twister, this attraction puts guests face-to-face with one of the most destructive forces that Mother Nature has to offer. Hosted by the stars of the film, Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt, guests are led through several walk-throughs teaching about the science and impact of tornadoes before finding out what it would be like to actually be in the path of a twister.

Attraction Information

  • Express is accepted.
  • Stationary seating is available at this attraction.
  • Guest may remain in standard wheelchair throughout attraction.


As you enter the queue, you pass recreations of props from the film Twister as well as some nods to the film. Once you make it inside the building, a short film starts featuring Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt (who refused to appear on camera together) introducing you to the ride and what will come ahead. Guests then make their way into Soundstage 50, which is designed to look like a town that has been hit by a tornado during which another video portion is played. As the warning sirens start to sound, guests are herded into the final room, which is dressed up to look like the drive-in scene from the film. The wind and rain start to pick up and all of a sudden you are thrown into a loud, intense, thrilling scene that scares adults and children equally.