Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Snacks Are Worth Trying

Universal Orlando Resort is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park all summer! The Tribute Store in Universal Studios Florida is a beautiful… tribute to the movie. Over in Islands of Adventure, Jurassic Park is happening year-round. However, Universal has added a new menu item to Thunder Falls Terrace and a specialty churro so it can be part of the celebration too. We made our way to try both and this is what we thought!

Prehistoric Raptor Wings – $15.99

The official description for the Prehistoric Raptor Wings at Thunder Falls Terrace is char-grilled chicken wings marinated with olive & spices then tossed in a sweet chili sauce. Served with cilantro lime rice, black beans, and a plantain chip. You get three massive full wings versus flats and drumettes. The wings are doused in the sauce but do showcase the char from the grill rather well.

The price is absolutely right for this platter. They could be charging a lot more. If you break apart the wings into drumettes and flats you are getting six big pieces of meaty, juicy chicken and more rice and beans than you need. The chicken could not have been more moist and the flavor of the char broke through the sweet and spicy sauce. These wings were very hard to rip apart and were extremely messy. They are definitely worth trying but be prepared with wipes and locate the nearest restroom for handwashing immediately after.

Coconut Cajeta Churro – $6.99

This churro was announced to be at Thunder Falls Terrace but we found it at Natural Selections. It was also listed as a Dulce de Leche Churro instead of Coconut Cajeta Churro. The description of the churro is a caramel-infused churro drizzled with coconut flakes and caramel sauce. The churro we had matched the description so they must’ve changed the name.

Churros usually aren’t the greatest in Florida. Maybe it is the supply or the humidity, but they always have a staleness to them. This churro was not stale at all probably due to the dulce de leche core throughout the churro which was packed with creamy caramel flavor. The coconut flakes on top matched the texture of the churro. The extra caramel on top helped pack a punch of sweetness. This was one of the best theme park churros we’ve ever had and would definitely get it again.

Be on the lookout for these specialty-themed items if you’re heading to Universal Orlando Resort this summer and don’t forget to swing by Universal Studios Florida to see the incredible tribute store!