Review: Green Eggs & Ham is Open and Delicious

Universal usually has a great track record with making the most out of the limited amount of land they possess. However, they also let Green Eggs & Ham and Wimpy’s sit vacant for years. Wimpy’s was brought back from the grave in summer 2018 and even though the food was decent, it still met an early demise. After years and year, Green Eggs & Ham is finally open with an intriguing menu that could sustain the restaurant for a long time, but will that be enough to keep the restaurant around?


The short answer is a resounding yes! Green Eggs & Ham has a ton of promise and showcases what Universal has learned in the quick service department since The Wizarding World of Harry Potter originally opened. It also shows that they take their fan feedback into consideration. The menu could definitely use a few tweaks and adjustments considering four of the five items are tater tot-based, but you’d be hard pressed not to find something you like at Green Eggs & Ham. At the very least, you’ll find edible food, which isn’t always the case at Universal.


Green Eggs & Ham Tots – $9.99

You’d think this would be the signature menu item, considering it has the same name as the restaurant, but unfortunately it falls as #2 on the menu (despite being #1 in our hearts). The Green Eggs & Ham Tots has green eggs, diced ham, and white cheese sauce over tater tots. The dish is served in a tin that’s plate sized and if you’ve ever had Pizza Fries at Halloween Horror Nights then you know what I’m talking about. The Green Eggs & Ham Tots gets credit for actually containing green eggs, but the ham is just normal diced ham. It might not be a huge deal if the food wasn’t served out of a green ham, but it is. I digress…


The tots in this dish were perfectly crispy on the outside, but remarkably soft on the inside. The key to great loaded tots is making sure the tots don’t get soggy, and these were cooked so perfectly that it wasn’t an option. The white cheese sauce was the star of the dish. The creamy texture paired wonderfully with the crispy tots and balanced out the salty tots with a subtle, mild flavor. The diced ham brought extra saltiness to the dish and the eggs didn’t stand out even a little bit.


Who Hash – $14.99

This is the Instagram item on the menu, so you’ll probably see a lot of people in the area ordering it, but don’t take that as a sign of it being the best item on the menu. The reason the Who Hash is so popular is due to the fact that it’s served in a themed can! The Who Hash is corned beef, onions, white cheese sauce, scallions and tater tots in a Who Hash Can. So, it’s the same exact idea as the rest of the tot dishes on the menu, except it comes in a can that you can take home if you’d like. Is it worth the extra $5? Well, the can keeps your food a lot warmer for a lot longer on a cold day so that’s a plus.


For some reason, or due to the insulation of the can, the tots in this dish weren’t able to escape the moisture and fell prey to the soggy overlord. I really do believe this was due to the heat radiating inside the can, but it also could be an outcome of the layering of ingredients within the can. The layering of ingredients was definitely a huge plus to this dish. There’s nothing worst than a plate of nachos that only has the toppings on top, but this can of Who Has did not. As for the flavor, it was very similar to the Green Eggs & Ham Tots, but it had a stronger flavor from the corned beef. If you don’t like corned beef, avoid this dish, because it is mighty powerful and strong. The white cheese sauce tries to balance out the flavors, but it just can’t compete with the corned beef. The onions and the scallions are completely lost in this dish.


S’mores Nutella – $9.99

It wouldn’t be a fun review if everything was perfect, and there was one thing at Green Eggs & Ham that was definitely not good – the S’mores Nutella. The S’mores Nutella is toasted mini marshmallows and Nutella over a graham cracker crust. When the dish was handed to us, the first thing I noticed was how incredibly light it is. That’s not necessarily a deal breaker, but it raised a red flag in my mind. The good news is that it nails the s’mores concept completely. The marshmallows had a lightly toasted flavor and Nutella was lightly drizzled over the top packing that hazelnut chocolate love. The graham crackers were eloquently above and below and added a crunch to the dish.


The main issue is the pricing. It’s served in the same tin as the other tots, so it looks like a big portion, but it’s not. You could easily recreate this dish at home for less than $10 and you could probably get 3-4 servings out of the ingredients you’d buy for it. It’s shareable, but one person could also tackle this dessert by themselves if you have a sweet tooth. It would just be better around $6. The other complaint I have is the use of Nutella. I love Nutella, but they are excluding anyone with a nut allergy from trying this dish. If s’mores were traditionally made with Nutella then I would understand it’s inclusion, but they could’ve used warm fudge to create the same flavor without excluding certain allergies.


I referenced earlier that the Green Eggs & Ham Tots were listed as #2 on the menu, so you might be asking yourself what is #1? That honor falls to the dish that clearly inspired the entire establishment to reopen – Pizza Tots. Yes, Universal has taken their beloved Pizza Fries and converted them into Pizza Tots for Green Eggs & Ham. We didn’t try them yet, because we wanted to go with the other signature items first, but I’m sure they’re just as delicious as Pizza Fries. The other dish on the menu is Buffalo Chicken Tots, which also sound amazing. Time to get back out to Green Eggs & Ham…

Green Eggs & Ham might not be open for very long, so if you are dying for a chance to try the long closed restaurant, then now is the time. I would definitely recommended either splitting a dish as a snack or making it your lunch if there’s nothing else that you have your heart set on. The prices are right for the portions and the food will leave you satisfied, but maybe not blown away. It would be great to see other Green Eggs & Ham items on the menu, like a sandwich, but maybe we’ll see that in the future if the restaurant is popular enough!

Should I eat at Green Eggs & Ham?

Yes! What are you waiting for? Go now.

What should I get at Green Eggs & Ham?

Go for the signature item – Green Eggs & Ham Tots. That and the Who Hash make this place unique and the rest of the items could exist at any other stand in any other land without blinking an eye, but you should only be getting Green Eggs & Ham Tots at one place.

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