Islands of Adventure The Lost Continent The Lost Continent Shopping

The merchandise found throughout The Lost Continent is similar to the food offerings in that a lot of unique items are available and not typical to what a lot of people would be looking for in theme park shopping. Treasures of Poseidon is really the only standard shop, while The Coin Mint, The Pearl Factory, Historic Families – Heraldry and Star Souls – Psychic Reading all feature an interactive element to them.

Treasures of Poseidon

This shop features a wide range of jewelry, fashion apparel and unique souvenirs that differ from the standard theme park gift shops.

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The Coin Mint

At this interesting gift shop, you can watch metal coins and medallions being forged right in front of your eyes. You even have the option to choose your favorite design making different kind of souvenir.

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The Pearl Factory

At this stand, choose an oyster to have opened and keep the pearl that was inside. Also available at the stand is jewelry to house your brand new pearl.

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Historic Families – Heraldry

If you’ve ever wondered where you come from, you can find out at this store that you have to see to believe. Find out what your family’s coat of arms would be and you can walk away with it and if that isn’t enough you can also purchase swords and daggers.

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Star Souls – Psychic Reading

If you believe in psychics then sit down and let them look in to your future. If you don’t believe in that type of thing then you can always just settle with a temporary henna tattoo.

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