Ticket Prices Increase at Universal Orlando Resort

In the wake of the Walt Disney World Resort raising its ticket prices earlier this week, Universal Orlando Resort has followed suit with a ticket price increase of their own.

One-day, single-park admission now starts at $110, increased from $105. Park-to-park tickets start at $165, increased from $155. Tickets for children are $5 less.

Adult peak-season tickets are priced at $124 for one day and $179 for two days.

Similar to Disney, Universal has a selection of different ticket bundles that decrease the per-day price of multiple day visits to the parks the more days you purchase.

Annual Passes are still beginning at $260 for the ones that include blockout dates.

Park visitors are able to save $20 on multi-day tickets by purchasing them online.

There has been no announcement yet on a single-day price for Volcano Bay, the water park Universal will open on May 25th. Three-day park tickets that include Volcano Bay visits are priced from $220 to $275 depending on whether visitors choose to visit one park per day or have unlimited ability to go from park to park.

We’ll have more detailed information as it becomes available.

(Source –  Orlando Sentinel)

2 thoughts on “Ticket Prices Increase at Universal Orlando Resort

  • February 17, 2017 at 3:29 pm

    Well people can stop saying Universal Studios is cheaper than Disney! Their one day, two day and park to park passes are the same. And if you compare season passes (starting at $540 for Disney and $260 for Universal) considering Disney is 4 parks and Universal is 2 parks those are very close to equal. As a Florida resident it makes the most economic sense to just purchase a season pass! At $165 down and $15 per month you would only have to go 3 days to pay for itself and that’s not including the free parking and discounts! Super happy I moved here! 🙂

  • February 17, 2017 at 4:01 pm

    You’re so right Demaris. For Florida residents, either pass is a savings. I prefer the premium, as we have many guest who visit throughout the year that visit all parks and we accompany them to help in navigating through each of the Disney and Universal Parks so they get the most out of their entry fees. Yes, when you write the check for the years pass, you may shed a tear, but in the long run you save money. We have family members who buy annual passes to allow them to visit more often. The choice of annual passes really comes down to your particular plan for park visits.


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