Two men arrested at Universal Orlando using fake credit cards

If you were given fake credit cards, where would you go first? Well, Yuniel Garrido Llopiz and Eidrys Reyes Robel were put to the test and they chose Universal Orlando. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the pair from South Florida attempted to use fake credit cards to purchase food, clothing, Express passes and gift cards sometime last week.

credit card

The duo was caught with 17 counterfeit cards on July 5, and were charged with possessing personal identification of other people and misrepresenting themselves. Robelt chose to waive his right to remain silent when being questioned by police and Secret Service, admitting that he was given the phony cards and knew they weren’t good.

Tough luck there, but for anyone planning on trying this in the future, maybe go to SeaWorld?

(h/t – Orlando Sentinel)

One thought on “Two men arrested at Universal Orlando using fake credit cards

  • July 13, 2016 at 12:54 pm

    Thank you Universal Orlando for catching these jerks.


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