7 Things for Families at Cabana Bay

If Don Draper took his family on vacation, you can bet he would have stayed at Cabana Bay Beach Resort. Here you’ll find everything that we love about the ’50s and ’60s alongside the amenities of the present day. It feels designed for family with its casual and upbeat ambience, but there are seven things in particular that stand out as kinfolk favorites.


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Every hotel has a pool. Most of them also have slides. This one comes with a lazy river and water canons, and families flock to them. Whether floating in a purchased inner tube or just going with the flow tubeless, you see the smiles drift by as they go around and around and around…that is until they are doused by the friendly fire of a water canon at the bend.


The pool area is a haven for family fun. That also means that many hours in a day can be spent there. Renting one of the available cabanas can be just what the family ordered, and – in fact – that is exactly what many of them do. It is common to see the cabanas not only occupied but also decorated with balloons and birthday banners. Supplied with tables, chairs, a TV, a refrigerator, a phone, and recreational games to play, these cabanas are well worth their price if you are looking to give your family’s pool day that something “extra.”


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All Loews Hotels provide an outdoor movie on select evenings. Cabana Bay Beach Resort is among those. Within the pleasant environment of an elegant pool during dusk, families will enjoy gathering in front of a large outdoor screen and losing themselves in a blockbuster hit from the convenience of a lounge chair. Schedules and movie selections can be obtained at the front desk.


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Foosball tables are placed strategically around the pool area. There are also beach areas where families gather to play lawn games and build sandcastles. It is a small touch, and yet these are the types of activities that the American family unit recognizes as fond pastimes. With cell phones and iPads put away, parents and kids find themselves engaging with one another in old-fashioned fun.


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On the fringe of the pool areas are a couple of fire pits that are lit each evening around dusk. S’mores kits are available for purchase in the food court and this is not a coincidence. Kids, parents and even grandparents gather each evening around the pits to roast marshmallows and melt chocolate for some graham cracker goodness and fun.


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It’s common for resorts to have an arcade of some sort, but Cabana Bay Beach Resort has one worth talking about. It’s more than just a couple pinball games placed in a broom closet and called an arcade. This is a room of significant size that boasts some great arcade classics and some current high-tech favorites. Kids will amuse themselves until the tokens run out. Skee ball, anyone?


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Bowling is a sport that all ages can enjoy. With 10 lanes stylized in the heyday of the 1950s, this alley comes with nostalgic appeal. By paying for an allotment of time and shoe rental, each person in the family can enjoy a few games of strikes and spares. If anyone needs some food or drink, a restaurant is right there to purchase sustenance without interrupting a single play. All of this is conveniently located within the resort and just minutes away from the rooms. It’s a very unique feature of the hotel that families enjoy.


2 thoughts on “7 Things for Families at Cabana Bay

  • July 20, 2015 at 9:58 pm

    Bowling looks fun. Heading there soon

  • July 28, 2015 at 10:54 pm

    Staying there in about four short weeks and, like your other reviews, I feel like this is completely targeted at my family and I! Thank you for the work you’re doing.
    Your fabulousness cannot be overstated. 🙂


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