Exterior Design and Amenity Details Released for Universal’s New Aventura Hotel

Universal has been gradually letting us in on what to expect when the Aventura Hotel opens in the summer of 2018. They recently released new architectural design details that give us a glimpse of the not only the main structure’s layout, but the surrounding amenities as well.

The Aventura’s 600 guest rooms will be housed in a high rise that Universal describes as a “trefoil” shape, with three main wings anchored at the center by a circle. Universal’s motivation behind the design was to have guests “feel relaxed and at ease” with the structure’s “clean lines and simple colors.”

The designs also made sure to include a rooftop bar on the 17th floor which will offer relaxing visitors amazing views of the area, with even as far as Downtown Orlando visible to patrons.

Aventura-designs-1 aventura-designs-3

Universal Orlando Close Up gave some insight as to the exterior of the hotel as well:

Details like pops of blue in the entry tiles add visual interest while maintaining the simple and modern aesthetic. Lush, green foliage adds natural colors to the exterior of the building while reminding guests of the natural beauty of Florida…Aventura’s pool will be a relaxing location for everyone, complete with a kid’s splash pad, poolside bar, and a fire pit for making delicious s’mores. The pool will even feature underwater speakers so if your favorite song is playing you’ll never miss a beat.


aventura-designs-2 aventura-designs-4

If these images have you excited about a future stay at Aventura — booking is currently available — make sure to check out the previously released room designs as well.

Aventura is expected to open this August.

Source: Universal Orlando Close Up





2 thoughts on “Exterior Design and Amenity Details Released for Universal’s New Aventura Hotel

  • March 2, 2018 at 12:41 pm

    “simple modern esthetic…” aka, boring non-themed hotel. Just build a hogwarts hotel Or make it feel like a drive in/movie theater featuring Universal features. But pops of blue tile? Gee, don’t put yourself out design team. I guess they assume everyone needs a palate cleanser to get away to after the park lol

    • March 14, 2018 at 6:49 pm

      I know what you mean. It reminds me of all the recent remodeling of the interior of Disney hotel rooms. It’s all very cold feeling, little carpeting, barely themed, and just screams “bland diet.” No thanks.


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