7 Things for Families at Portofino Bay

It’s a deluxe resort. There is an air of sophistication and decorum. Some families could judge this hotel as “not kid friendly,” but that would be a mistake. Portofino Bay is a hotel that is not only amenable to children but also inviting.  We have listed seven touches that Portofino Bay has given its hotel to make it a resort that your entire family will enjoy.


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The “beach pool” is one that children will hurry to immerse themselves in. A zero-entry pool makes this very easy for infants, toddlers, and others that fear more severe depths. Old Roman ruins and a slide that imitates an ancient aqueduct entices those with a bit more courage to venture further. The whole while, Mom and Dad can lie in the sun of a sandy beach that engulfs the pool’s entrance.


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Sporting the look of a ship, small children’s imaginations can take hold as they climb Jacob’s Ladder, crawl through port holes, and command from the aft. The play area is conveniently located near the “beach pool.” This means when it gets too hot to swab the deck, kids can retreat back to the soothing water, and Mom and Dad can still steer their crew’s activities from a lounge chair in close proximity.


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Set up near the “beach pool” is a small outdoor eatery. More than a simple pool bar, Splendido Bar and Grill boasts a lot of seating that can host not only families but also extended family gatherings. The menu is surprisingly accommodating for adults and children considering the scope of it is primarily to provide mere poolside service.  For a family that intends to spend the day or even a long afternoon near the water, Splendido provides a bit of shade and sustenance during the hours when it is needed most. Parents and kids can feel comfortable dining in style regardless of swimsuits and fidgeting little bodies.


All Loews Hotels provide an outdoor movie on select evenings. Portofino Bay is among those. Within the pleasant environment of an elegant pool during dusk, families will enjoy gathering in front of a large outdoor screen and losing themselves in a blockbuster hit from the convenience of a lounge chair. Schedules and movie selections can be obtained at the front desk.


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It is a game that hit its stride with the Romans, and it is still around at Portofino Bay. Tucked in some gardens near the “villa pool,” courts and equipment are available for use by guests. It is a game that can be played at various levels and with various rules, so families can easily accommodate younger and less skilled players in the beautiful setting of lush landscaping and nearby aquatic sounds.


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This is something small when compared to the others, but it is often the small things to which kids are drawn. The various mopeds placed around the main plaza area would be one of those small things. They provide brief moments of entertainment and great photo opportunities that last long past the vacation itself. Make room during your stay for a few of these to happen.


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Sometimes what families need is a little time to indulge in activities that don’t include everyone in the party. Kids want to play video games, do crafts, and participate in organized activities. Mom and Dad want to have a quiet night together, holding hands, and enjoying a long meal. Both can be accomplished by reserving the service of Campo Portofino, the kids’ club. After parents pay an hourly fee, children are free to have fun under careful, adult supervision while the adults are free to do whatever it is that they want.  Check ahead of time to see which nights Campo Portofino has availability.


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