American Horror Story coming to HHN is a great thing for the event

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The final house announced for both Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood happens to be based on a very popular television series – American Horror Story. Rumors have circulated for the past couple years that the hit FX show would be involved somehow with Halloween Horror Nights, and apparently the time has come.

The house will focus on three different seasons of the anthology style show – Season 1: Murder House, Season 4: Freak Show, and Season 5: Hotel. Unlike most television series, each season of American Horror Story is unique and different, resulting in multiple themes. Luckily, Michael Aiello and the creators behind Halloween Horror Nights got plenty of practice last year in blending a variety of themes into one house via the universally beloved 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem.

Of course the HHN team worked as close as possible with the creators behind American Horror Story to create the most realistic house they possibly could based on the source material, which is greatly appreciated to those of us out there that really look for the details more than the scares.

Overall, the best thing about this new franchise series coming to HHN is that it has the potential to be featured more than just this one time. Hitting seasons one, four and five this year would leave seasons two and three still open as well as the upcoming season six. Does Universal has the option to use American Horror Story more than just this year? Would they break off the seasons individually as well like The Walking Dead has done before? Will this send The Walking Dead to the grave for good?

Who knows. Regardless, it’s nice to see another new intellectual property coming to the greatest seasonal event in Orlando, but with American Horror Story in, there is just no more room for The Purge. Blessed be the New Founding Fathers with whatever they will be doing this year, because it isn’t HHN.