ScaryTales: Deadly Ever After Announced for HHN 28

The final house has been announced for Halloween Horror Nights 28 at Universal Orlando and it’s another original house! ScaryTales: Deadly Ever after will be bringing a demented twist on the most beloved fairytales. Universal Orlando Close Up describes the house as follows:

The original Wicked Witch of the West has seized control of the fairytale realm and is tormenting treasured storybook characters in hideous and cruel alternate storylines. You know…the pure turned evil, the evil gets worse kind of storylines.

And with portions of the house nicknamed: “Revenge,” “Toupee,” and “Splatter” during development, you can bet the stories you grew up on will be ending very differently within this experience. The Witch’s spell spares no one. Her influence is felt throughout the land. With so many nightmares around each turn, you’ll wish it was just a story. Below are a few of the banners you’ll come across as you step into the haunted house, leading you to your “deadly ever after.”

ScaryTales Deadly Ever After Banners

This is not the first time ScaryTales has been featured at Halloween Horror Nights. It was first seen at HHN 11 and has been a house three times, four counting Deadly Ever After, and most recently a scare zone in 2015 with Scary Tales: Screampunk.

Halloween Horror Nights 28 begins September 14!