‘Poltergeist’ Announced for HHN 28

Universal Orlando is bringing one of the horror genre’s most iconic installments to life, or death as the case may be — Poltergeist will be a featured house at the 2018 Halloween Horror Nights.

The much respected, and equally feared, 1982 classic is the source of inspiration for the newest house announced by Universal this year. Fans of the original film will remember blood-curdling visuals such as homicidal trees, skeleton-filled pools, and the ominous announcement of the TV people — “They’re here!”

Poltergeist told the tale of a family whose house possesses malevolent spirits, located over an old burial ground. As their daughter becomes the subject of the evil’s attentions, they contact a psychic medium and enter a portal to another realm to rescue her, yet continue to be plagued by the forces of the house.

There is still enough time to watch the film, again or for the first time, before Halloween Horror Nights begins on September 14th and runs through November 3rd. Add that to your list of other popular horror based TV and films that have inspired Universal theming this year, like Stranger ThingsTrick ‘r TreatKiller Klowns from Outer Space, or Chucky.

One thought on “‘Poltergeist’ Announced for HHN 28

  • August 10, 2018 at 3:26 pm

    I always feel a little bad when I hear about this film, because of the sad end of its child star.


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