Universal Studios Florida Hollywood Shopping in Hollywood

Although Hollywood at Universal Studios Florida doesn’t have the high end stores you’d expect in Los Angeles, it does have have some of the best shopping in the park whether you’re looking for pop culture related items at Cyber Image or focusing on classic Hollywood merchandise at Silver Screen Collectibles. And if all you’re looking for is a hat, why not choose the Brown Derby Hat Shop?

Cyber Image

As you leave Terminator 2: 3-D and the Horror Make-Up show, you end up in Cyber Image featuring a range of merchandise from Terminator, Doctor Who, Star Wars, The Walking Dead and more!

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Silver Screen Collectibles

This is a specialty shop connected to Lucy – A Tribute, so expect to find a ton of Lucy related merchandise along with Betty Boop and other Hollywood starlets.

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Brown Derby Hat Shop

It may be the most famous hat shop in the world and at Universal Studios Florida it keeps its reputation for selling a specific item – hats.

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