VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon Gets and Gives a Tour of Race Through New York

This week is all about Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show at Universal Orlando and Fallon has been celebrating by filming special segments with his brand new ride. On Monday, Jimmy had the opportunity to tour the building for the first time with Mark Woodbury, vice chairman of Universal Parks & Resorts. The best part about the tour is that Fallon tells the story once again about how Woodbury and Universal shot him down the first time he pitched doing an attraction. But honestly, seeing Fallon’s reactions to the queue is very endearing and you can tell he is clearly proud to be in a Universal park.

Now on the opposite spectrum, Fallon had the opportunity to give his pal Blake Shelton a tour of his ride as a segment for The Tonight Show and it was absolutely hilarious. The country singer doesn’t hold back on Jimmy Fallon at all. When Hashtag the Panda comes out dancing, all Blake can say is, “This is what you worked three and a half years on?” The sarcasm that comes out of his mouth with the words “so exciting” when describing the ride taking place in an office building couldn’t be any more perfect. And the best part is when Blake observes, “This is the best part. Clearly they wouldn’t give you a real ride so we’re gonna go sit in and look at a movie screen with 3D glasses on.” It is all pure comedy gold. Enjoy!

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