PHOTOS: First Look at Slides, Pools, and Cabanas at Volcano Bay

The anticipation surrounding the opening of Universal Orlando’s brand new, 30-acre Volcano Bay is building and we’re sharing some new photos from CNN taken inside the water park today. Take a look!






The Krakatau Aqua Coaster looks amazing and Universal has no plans of slowing down; they’ve already got a 5-acre expansion in the works according to CNN! If getting in the water isn’t your thing then maybe just sit poolside and snack on one of the many food items created for the park or one of the specialty drinks like the mixed berry Kunuku Cola created with Coca-Cola!

Source: CNN

2 thoughts on “PHOTOS: First Look at Slides, Pools, and Cabanas at Volcano Bay

  • May 16, 2017 at 3:09 pm

    Sorry Universal, this doesn’t count as a “theme park”. That being said, it does look way better than either of Disney’s water parks and definitely worth a visit.

  • May 17, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    I saw a video that had a drone fly over the entire Volcano Bay and it looks like,well…a big water park… well-themed, but really, just a water park. I certainly would NEVER call this a 3rd gate, and if they keep that up, then Disney will simply start saying they have 6 gates and that is just absurd. Although I don’t visit the water parks when I’m in Orlando, I will try this one just to see if it is worth the hype. Since there are plenty of really good water parks around me at home, I just don’t find it a good use of time while in Disney and Universal to bother. We’ll see.


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