Islands of Adventure The Lost Continent Dining in The Lost Continent

While the attractions in The Lost Continent are not great by any means, the dining is typically applauded due to the always popular Mythos Restaurant and interesting quick-service dining with Doc Sugrue’s Desert Kebab House and Fire Eater’s Grill.

Mythos Restaurant

Mythos Restaurant advertises that it has been named the World’s Best Theme Park Restaurant by a fan site for six years in a row, but the décor is really the impressive part of the restaurant. The interior of the restaurant looks as if its been carved from rock, while outdoor views of the park can be breathtaking. The menu is definitely more adventurous than the other full service restaurant in Islands of Adventure, Confisco’s, with a mixture of Asian and Mediterranean dishes, but the menu isn’t so daring that picky eaters won’t be able to find something to eat.

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Doc Sugrue’s Desert Kebab House

Although most wouldn’t consider the menu options as theme park food, it is refreshing to see a quick service location that serves beef, chicken and vegetarian kebabs along with Greek salads, hummus and other healthier items.

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Fire Eater’s Grill

Fire Eater’s also presents a different type of quick service menu that normally isn’t seen in theme parks including grilled gyros, fiery chicken stingers and then the standard chicken fingers, hot dogs and salads.

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