Donkey Kong Expansion Coming to Universal Studios Japan

It’s already bad enough Universal Studios Japan is hogging all of that Super Nintendo World goodness. Yes, Universal Studios Hollywood is currently building their version of the land. Also, of course, Super Nintendo World is still coming to Universal Orlando Resort at some point in time. Anyways, the jealousy rages on now because Universal Studios Japan is expanding their Super Nintendo World to include Donkey Kong and it will open in 2024!

The new Donkey Kong area will bring the very popular character to life in the form of a roller coaster, interactive experiences, themed merchandise, and food! The lush jungles of Donkey Kong will come to life for guests to explore and feel like they are inside the world. Donkey Kong’s origin started with the arcade game in 1981, but this land will have that Donkey Kong Country feel to it.

Super Nintendo World has been open for months now at Universal Studios Japan and features Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge, Yoshi’s Adventure, Power-Up Band Key Challenges, Super Mario characters, themed food, and merchandise.

While nothing is ever set in stone and concept art should never be over-inspected, many speculated Donkey Kong will be part Super Nintendo World at Epic Universe since it was also expected to be part of Super Nintendo World when the land was planned for Universal Studios Florida.