RUMOR: Possible Details for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Orlando

Last week, crews broke ground on Nintendo World in Japan. Given Universal’s history of replicating rides for their different theme parks, it makes sense that they would also build the same attractions here in Orlando.

According to WFTV’s report, a majority of the kid zone will be closed, E.T. will remain, but Woody Woodpecker and Barney will be taken down to make room. Below is a photo of a leaked map that claims to show the new Nintendo World.


WFTV has also stated that the Mario Kart ride will include a “moving track ride where guests wear augmented reality glasses to feel like they’re moving through a video game.”

“’It will not be a basic car ride. Whether it’s augmented reality or some kind of scoring thing in the real world. There will be a score element, race element to it and that is what’s going to make the ride re-rideable,’ said Rick Munarriz with The Motely Fool.”

There are also reports of a Donkey Kong roller coaster with additional interactive areas including plans for floating coins that will spin using some kind of magnetic system.

“These characters are very familiar to people, of all generations,” said Munarriz. “There’s a lot of potential here for this to be a lot bigger than just die-hard gamers.”

Source: WFTV AND news965

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