“Sharknado 3” filming at Universal Studios Florida

It was reported awhile back that Sharknado 3 would be filming in Orlando, but no definite locations were announced. This past week, Heather Heinz Casting announced that it was seeking extras for the Syfy film that is shooting under the name Vortex 3. Specifically, “Bikini Girls,” “Soldiers,” and “Park Patrons” extras were being casted. Production started on February 16 and will last through the 24th. Tara Reid and Bo Derek have been spotted at Universal Studios Florida so far. There is no premiere date set for Sharknado 3 as of now.

One thought on ““Sharknado 3” filming at Universal Studios Florida

  • February 20, 2015 at 11:37 am

    Why do we need another one of these in our lives? We don’t create another Justin Beiber. Why? Because we learned our lesson the first time. Can’t we just say ” that was our bad ” and move on ?


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