Universal Implementing Mandatory Temperature Check for Team Members

Despite the fact that Universal Orlando is still closed to guests, Universal has decided to start implementing mandatory temperature checks for team and business vendors who come to resort property and off-site locations to ensure the safety of all team members.

In a message from Tom Williams, Chairman & CEO of Universal Parks & Resorts, on April 30, 2020, it was announced that temperature checks for team members in Orlando and Hollywood would begin soon. However, Bill Davis, President & COO of Universal Orlando Resort, followed up shortly after the message from Williams stating that Universal Orlando would begin its temperature checks on Friday, May 1. Those who have a temperature exceeding 99.9 degrees will not be permitted on property, as well as Universal’s off-site locations, and must wait 72 hours before attempting to return.

Universal has also updated safety reminders for team members. Before traveling to property, Universal asks that their team members assess any symptoms, including a temperature check. Per CDC guidelines, temperature checks should happen at least 30 minutes after eating, drinking, or exercising, and at least 6 hours after taking medicines that can lower temperature. Universal is advising team members that regardless of temperature, if they are not feeling well or having any symptoms, including mild cold symptoms, that they should not come on to property.

Before team members can go through security checkpoints, screeners will use infrared contactless digital thermometers to check temperatures are not above 99.9°F. Temperature checks will take place in-vehicle for team members arriving to TeamPark, Gate 3, Gate 7, Gate 10, and the CityWalk Parking Garage. After passing the temperature check, team members will receive a colored paper showing they passed, and they will proceed to park. Once they hit their gate or security checkpoint with metal detection, they will turn in their paper pass. Temperature checks for other locations will take place outside of building entrances or security checkpoints while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Once on property, Universal is asking for team members to maintain at least 6 feet of distance, limit gatherings to 10 people or less, and limit contact to less than 10 minutes, along with other social distancing guidelines. As for face masks, Universal is recommending team members voluntarily continue to wear face masks if they are concerned about social distancing, and team members can obtain a mask on-site if they don’t have their own. Universal also reminds team members that gloves are not recommended unless they are issued as part of wardrobe.

As of this time, these guidelines and protocols are ONLY for team members showing up to work at Universal Orlando on-site and off-site property. No further information about the theme parks reopening or guest safety protocol has been released at this time.

2 thoughts on “Universal Implementing Mandatory Temperature Check for Team Members

  • May 1, 2020 at 2:54 pm

    Not news . . . and not Universal’s decision. The State of Florida reopening plan has mandated that all Universal employees must temperature check prior to their shift and must wear face masks. The only difference is the mandate is a temperature of less than 100.4, and Universal has decided to bump that down to 99.9.

    • May 3, 2020 at 8:36 am

      It is news. It is Universal’s decision. Otherwise other’s like Disney would be doing the same. The state of FL has not mandated that all Universal employed have their temperature taken right now, nor did they did not create a mandate just for Universal. As you mentioned, FL has have announced “proposed guidelines” for theme parks for when they open to the public. It’s for re-opening, with guests. The temperature guidelines would be (if any theme park decides to open in such a phase) for the when the parks are filled with people from all over the country who could spread a potential virus from an employee. Right now, since there are no guests, that situation doesn’t exist.

      So, the news here is that Universal has decided to do this now, before guests or any phased opening, using their own temp standard.


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