2015 Halloween Horror Nights 25 House Information

Halloween Horror Nights 25 will feature 9 houses, including 4 original houses representing some of the best houses in HHN history!

The Walking Dead: The Living and the Dead

AMC’s The Walking Dead returns to Halloween Horror Nights for the fourth year in the row, this time focusing on the fifth season of the immensely popular television series. However, don’t expect The Walking Dead: The Living and the Dead to be even close in size to the record-breaking house last year based on the fourth season of the show.

-resources-digitalassets-Walking Dead Coming to HHN - LR

Freddy vs. Jason

What happens when two horror icons face each other with you in the middle of the epic battle? Probably a lot of scares. Freddy vs. Jason has the potential to be a great house as long as there is a heavy focus on Freddy and Jason battling each other and not just random pop-up appearances by both characters.

Freddy vs. Jason Coming to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horro


Insidious is finally making its debut at Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando after an extremely good outing in Hollywood a few years ago. Insidious will cover all three chapters of the horror saga taking anyone brave enough into “The Further” and fight off the denizens of the afterlife trying to find their way back into our world.


The Purge

Last year, The Purge was a massive scare zone in the streets of New York providing two entertaining shows adapted from The Purge and The Purge: Anarchy, as well as the nightly, opening ceremony for Halloween Horror Nights. This year, The Purge returns as a last minute replacement for a Scream house that didn’t work, but there should still be plenty of scares. The Purge wasn’t terrifying in a wide-open environment, but it should provide some extra thrills in the confines of a house.

The Purge Coming to HHN 25

An American Werewolf in London

Never before has the Halloween Horror Nights team completely replicated a house from year’s past, but that changes this year with An American Werewolf in London. Although the house will be the exact same, scene by scene, there will be new surprises along the way.


Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem

25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem is truly a house that could only be made after 25 classic years of scares at Halloween Horror Nights. This house, hosted by Jack the Clown and rivaling the size of the epic Walking Dead house last year, includes not only Universal classic monsters, but also scenes from some of the most iconic scares from Halloween Horror Nights. Expect to see old favorites like Nightingales, Forsaken and H.R. Bloodengutz.


RUN: Blood, Sweat and Fears

Picture yourself in the middle of a brutal TV game show where you’re being stalked by skilled assassins and the more horrifying the death, the higher the ratings. If you’re picturing the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, The Running Man, then you’re on the right track. Just take out a lot of the cheesiness and add in a lot of screaming.


Asylum in Wonderland 3D

When Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland, he probably never expected an adaptation into a horrific haunted house, but the idea of it works so well. This murderous Wonderland may exist only in Alice’s mind or everything is real and trying to kill everyone.


Body Collectors – Recollections

The Body Collectors are back to collect human parts that they require. This time they’ll be descending upon Shadybrook Asylum in the late 1800’s during a massive snowstorm. If you’ve never been in a Halloween Horror Nights house that takes place during winter then prepare yourself for a chilling and scary time.


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