Islands of Adventure Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hogsmeade Dragon Challenge

Dragon Challenge permanently closed on September 5 to make way for a new Harry Potter attraction.

The time once again has come for the Triwizard Tournament and champions are invited to participate in the first task and face either the Chinese Fireball or the Hungarian Horntail. Before making your way to the dragons, you must pass by the Goblet of Fire, Triwizard Cup and then ultimately choose your fate. Only the bravest champions can survive against either dragon. Dragon Challenge is a steel inverted roller coaster with two completely different tracks – each one with five different inversions.

Back before The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Dragon Challenge was Dueling Dragons and instead of Chinese Fireball and Hungarian Horntail the dragons were Fire and Ice. The ride was unique in that it had the ability to duel with three points of near misses. The dueling continued on into the Wizarding World days, but after some safety issues the dragons stopped dueling. Regardless of this feature, each side is still just as exciting and thrilling. The Chinese Fireball moves at 63 mph, but generally presents a smoother ride, whereas the Hungarian Horntail clocks in at 58 mph and is a bit rougher.

Attraction Information

  • Express is accepted.
  • Stationary seating is available at this attraction.
  • No loose articles are permitted on this attraction.
  • Guest must transfer to standard wheelchair from ECV.
  • This attraction is operational weather permitting.
  • Minimum Height Requirement: 48" (122cm).
  • Maximum Height Allowed: 79" (201cm).