RSVLTS x Jurassic Park is Back With More Shirts & a Jacket

Life finds a way, and RSVLTS has found a way to team up once again with Jurassic Park for another new collection. They recently released a bunch of new Jurassic Park shirts, but this time around there’s also a long-sleeve shirt and a reversible bomber jacket (coming soon). The classic and women’s Kunuflex shirts retail for $70, youth shirts are $45, long-sleeve shirts are $72, and the jacket will be $85. This drop happens today, August 22 at 4:00 pm at Let’s take a look at the designs!

You Bred Raptors

This design is available in classic, youth, and women’s sizes and is perfect for the Velociraptor fan in your life. Not only will you find DNA strands and a mosquito encased in amber, but you’ll also have plenty of Velociraptors. Fans of Jurassic Park will recognize the lettering over the dinosaurs similar to when they are in front of projectors while tracking the kids in the vents. The lettering is the first letter of the four nucleobases of DNA.

Must Go Faster

This design is available in classic, youth, and women’s sizes and is a tribute to one of the most stressful scenes in Jurassic Park. The dark shirt features a jungle landscape at night while a T-Rex is chasing down a Jurassic Park vehicle. The only way to escape? Must go faster.

Patented and Packaged

This design is available in classic sizes. The scene is a silhouetted island landscape against a bright orange/red sky with a sunset. The name of the shirt is a nod to the Ian Malcolm quote where he says, “You patented it, and packaged it, and slapped in on a plastic lunchbox.”

The Malcolm

This design is available in classic long-sleeve sizes and includes a pair of black sunglasses with purchase. The shirt is stunningly simple. It’s a black shirt just like what Ian Malcolm would wear. However, the cuffs pay tribute to him with his flask and flares.

Jurassic Rides

This reversible bomber jacket will surely sell out quickly once it’s available. One side resembles the coloring of the Jeeps with a black body and dinosaur-striped red and green sleeves. The Jurassic Park logo is on the back. The reverse side also has the look of the Jeep Wranglers in the movie with a gray body, red stripe, black sleeves, and a massive Jurassic Park logo on the back.

This collection drops at today at 4:00 pm and the previous collection and other Jurassic Park shirts are still available to purchase.