Comcast Q3 earnings shows increase in Universal Parks & Resorts


Comcast released their 3rd quarter earnings report and there is nothing but good news coming from the Universal Parks & Resorts division. Both revenue and profit increased thanks to Universal Studios Japan and Hollywood. Universal Studios Japan has slightly skewed the numbers this year after Comcast acquired a majority stake in the park last year.

Regardless, revenue jumped 60.6 percent to $1.4 million. If you leave Japan out of it, revenue still rose 16.1 percent. Operating cash flow increased by 62.4 percent to $706 million.

It is safe to say that Universal Orlando didn’t help out much with the 3rd quarter earnings, but things are bound to get better eventually. As long as The Wizarding World of the West continues to thrive at Universal Studios Hollywood, and the Japan economy remains strong, it is safe to assume the 4th quarter will also be strong.

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