Universal accidentally slips Annual Passholder changes


It’s no surprise that theme parks like to keep their secrets as quiet and hidden as possible, but every now and then someone comes along and spoils the surprise. Today, Universal Orlando did their own spoiling when they accidentally posted a blog revealing changes to their Annual Passholder program. Luckily, the Orlando Sentinel was great about recording the details before the blog was removed.

The big change is that there will now be TWO annual passes that have blockout dates. The newest pass will be similar to the current “Power” pass and includes blockout dates during the summer, Christmas and other peak times, and does not include parking. The next tier up will still include blockout dates, but apparently some days only one park will be inaccessible instead of both. Also, this new level will offer discounted parking.

The “Preferred” and “Premiere” passes should be offering the same benefits as before, but the Orlando Sentinel makes it seem like the “more expensive” passes may include Early Park Admission.

We didn’t see this blog post with our own eyes, so that’s all the information we can really share for now, but expect more information when their official post goes live as well as an increase in annual pass ticket prices!

One thought on “Universal accidentally slips Annual Passholder changes

  • August 29, 2016 at 3:03 pm

    Hey Craig – FYI – the end of the second paragraph got cut off.

    This is very interesting info though – I look forward to finding out more!


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