Universal Launches Date-Based Ticket Pricing

Universal Orlando Resort has launched a new date-based ticket pricing system that will now give guests more flexibility when planning a vacation. This new system is designed to help guests save money by being able to choose slower park days that will cost less and increase the park on peak days. Guests are also able to change their dates after purchasing tickets, but you’ll have to pay the difference if you change the originally selected dates to those with a higher price.

Right now, the lowest price for a 2-Park, 1-Day ticket with access to Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure is $157.44 with pricing increasing to $162.44, $172.80, $177.60, $182.40, and maxes out at $186.24 and tax is included in the prices.

Looking at the calendar, there really isn’t a rhyme or reason to the ticket pricing on paper. Weekends have generally been busier since reopening from the COVID-19 closure, but many weekend dates cost less than weekdays in September.

Spectrum News 13 reached out to Universal Orlando Resort about the date-based pricing and the statement they received said:

We’ve launched date-based pricing to give our guests more flexibility when planning a visit to Universal Orlando Resort, allowing them to select the best time to visit that suits their needs. And as always, we continue to offer value-driven options throughout the year to help guests save and get the most out of their visit to our destination.”

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