Universal’s Aventura Hotel to Offer Special Tech

Universal’s Aventura Hotel may be a value hotel in price, but besides being in a prime location for Volcano Bay, the sixth on-site hotel will feature some new technology not currently seen at Universal’s hotels. The coolest feature will be an in-room tablet that will allow you to control items in the room like the television, temperature and more. This will be awesome for those who hate leaving their smart home behind when they leave for vacation.

The hotel also will be embracing virtual reality by having a virtual reality game room. Fans of the dive-in movies at Universal will be happy to know that this hotel will also have this recreation activity, but with a twist! The pool will have an underwater speaker system, like Hard Rock Hotel’s, which we speculate will be used during the movie so your kids don’t miss a second of dialogue while trying to drown each other.

Reservations are already open for Universal’s Aventura Hotel, but if you’re not completely sold on it yet then take a look at this 360 VR tour around the hotel and maybe that will sell you on it!

One thought on “Universal’s Aventura Hotel to Offer Special Tech

  • June 6, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    The hotel to me looks bland


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