2014 Halloween Horror Nights 24 Scare Zone Information

Halloween Horror Nights 24 will feature 4 scare zones, two of which are completely original ideas crafted by Universal Creative.

The Purge: Anarchy

This year at Universal Orlando, the annual purge will be held in the New York section of the park. Based on the movies, The Purge and The Purge: Anarchy, this scare zone will feature masked citizens wandering the streets acting out like violent psychopaths with a variety of weapons including chainsaws.

Face Off – In the Flesh

SyFy’s Face Off has given creative make-up artists a chance to showcase their talents on television for several years and this year at Halloween Horror Nights, you will have a chance to encounter some of the bizarre creatures developed on the show, including a design by a contestant currently working at Universal Orlando and the winning design for the season currently airing.

MASKerade: Unstitched

What will look like a masquerade ball from far away will actually be grotesque and disgusting as masks are removed to reveal decomposing faces falling off as they lose their stitches.

Bayou of Blood

Those who venture into the Lousiana bayou may not make it out alive. A voodoo priestess will be inside this scare zone sacrificing a poor victim and if you’re not careful then you could also be captured and sacrificed by one of the voodoo squatters.

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