Another year, another Walking Dead house…


Fans of Halloween Horror Nights can take solace with the announcement that AMC’s The Walking Dead is returning to Universal Orlando for the annual Halloween event, because now we can look forward to what else is coming with this announcement out of the way. With the hit show still going strong as ever and Universal Studios Hollywood opening a daytime Walking Dead walk-through on July 4, 2016, it was without a doubt going to have some type of presence in Florida – and it does with a twist.

For fans of the show, you’ll remember that Season 6 was filled with highs and lows, some memorable deaths and ended with a major cliffhanger, but it lacked iconic locations that would be extremely terrifying to be in. As scary as Alexandria seems, it’s not. Because of this, Halloween Horror Nights is going to approach this house differently. Instead of reflecting on the year’s previous season, as they have done every year, the team behind HHN is going to go back all the way to Season 1 to show all of the highlights from each year, including the hospital, barn, Woodbury, Terminus and that oh-so-scary Alexandria and other locations from Season 6.


Combining all of the highlights from the past years seemed to work well for the 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem house last year, so what could go wrong with this. Not a lot actually. This seems like a solid way to approach a house and concept that is getting extremely boring year after year. Zombies are being completely overdone and are losing their fear factor because of it. While great make-up effects and jump-worthy moments will surely make this house a must-see, the nostalgia of the show will be more important to most fans of the TV horror gone drama.

The good news, again, is we were treated up front to not one, but two awesome house announcements with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Exorcist, so this one doesn’t feel like a blow. Some might even look at this as a crap sandwich scenario – we had two great house reveals and plenty more to come sandwiching the turd in the middle. Stay tuned for the other house announcements in the future – maybe a July 1 reveal of The Purge on the same day The Purge: Election Year is released?

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