Details Released for Final Bill & Ted Shows

With just a couple nights of Halloween Horror Nights left, many are starting to plan for the final showings of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure which will end its “Farewell Tour” on November 4th. The official Twitter account for Halloween Horror Nights has released new details on what the process will be to secure a spot in one of the final shows, so here’s what you need to know.

Wristbands will be required for the final four shows of the night. The only show that will not require a wristband is the first show of the night. Wristband distribution will be located in Springfield U.S.A. and you can pick up a wristband as soon as the park opens for Halloween Horror Nights. Wristbands will be distributed for the final show first before continuing on in reverse order to the second show on a first come, first served basis. If you aren’t there, you won’t receive a wristband, because there will be a one wristband per guest policy.

From what we’ve heard along with others, Universal Orlando Team Members will not be able to get into the final show of the night. Instead, Universal set up a special final, final show for them after hours that already had a ticket distribution and is completely filled.

If you’re heading out to the event specifically for Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure on November 4th, good luck and remember – many people will be trying to get into the final show and not everyone can. Every show on November 4th will be special, so be excellent to each other.

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