Insidious coming to Halloween Horror Nights 25

Universal Orlando has officially announced there will be a house at Halloween Horror Nights based on the hit movie series Insidious. This is the second house announcement for HHN25 and the second based on a movie, the other house being Freddy vs. Jason.

The Insidious house will cover all three films in the series. Here is Universal’s description of the Insidious house:

“You’ll come face to face with the evil denizens of the Further—the Long Haired Fiend, the Lipstick-Face Demon, the Bride in Black, and the newest evil: The Man Who Can’t Breathe.

The path through this terrifying maze can only be accomplished by going into the Further, the mysterious world of the spirits. Many of these spirits crave the souls of the living. And while guests are dodging the grasping hands of death, the Further will disorient any who travel into the great beyond.”

Insidious had a presence at Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood back in 2013 with the maze Insidious: Into The Further and was immensely popular. Insidious has been one of the better horror franchises in recent history meaning this house will most likely be packed every night.

Insidious: Chapter 3 is currently in theaters.

Comment below and let us know if you’re looking forward to Halloween Horror Nights 25 and Insidious.


Source/Photo: Universal Orlando

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