Scare Zones and Academy of Villains Announced for Halloween Horror Nights 27

We are getting closer and closer to the start of Halloween Horror Nights 27 at Universal Orlando, and there is still A LOT to announce, but that list has now gotten a bit shorter. Universal has officially announced the five scare zones along with Roaming Hordes and the return of Academy of Villains at this year’s event. The best news is that one of the scare zones is based on the most underrated Halloween movie (in my opinion) – Trick ‘r Treat! Let’s go over the full list:

Trick ‘r Treat

This scare zone will be in the Central Park area connecting Hollywood with Woody Woodpecker’s Kid Zone. Pumpkins and lanterns will be illuminating the trees, while Sam will be there to make sure we all follow the rules of Halloween. The film itself is an anthology that takes place on Halloween night and blends different horror genres from vampires to zombies, so expect to see a good variety of characters from the film making an appearance.

The Purge

Yes, once again The Purge is coming back to Halloween Horror Nights as a scare zone and it sounds like this year it will be a best of. Universal has said that the auction  will return along with some brand new surprises as well. The Purge has been very successful in the New York area of the park before, and expect this one to live up to the previous iterations of this scare zone.

Atlas of Horror

The Avenue of the Stars scare zone will be called Altars of Horror. Universal says this scare zone will take some of the larger than life characters featured in this year’s houses and place them all in this one location, meaning you’ll have the opportunity to get up close with the iconic film characters featured in the houses out on the streets. Sounds promising.


The San Francisco scare zone once again sounds like it could be extremely unique, because this time visitors from far beyond have crashed and they are wreaking havoc on the streets. Universal does say that these invaders aren’t just here to destroy, but also on a mission to learn everything they can about us, but if we aren’t careful then we may end up on an experiment table at the mercy of an alien scientist. Aliens and HHN – amazing.

The Festival of the Deadliest

This hallowed celebration will take place in the Hollywood area of the park and promises hellish terrors and never-ending nightmares. Sounds scary. The Festival of the Deadliest is apparently an ancient celebration of blood and bones where nightmares come from.

Roaming Hordes

Universal is saying that this year the clowns are unhappy with how pop culture has made them scary, so if the world wants scary clowns then they are going to deliver their nightmares. So, we know for sure we are getting a chainsaw horde of clowns, but beyond that we don’t know if any other past hordes will be back.

Academy of Villains: Afterlife

It’s going to be sad saying goodbye to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure, but it will be easier knowing that Academy of Villains will be returning to put on a brand new show. The alternative dance troupe blew away crowds last year with their amazing skills and special effects, and you can expect them to be a highlight of the event again this year.

Overall, it is shaping up to be a promising year for Halloween Horror Nights. At this point, we are still waiting on the announcement for one more IP house, which many are expecting to be Horrors of Blumhouse, as well as the original concept houses!


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