“Trick ‘r Treat” Upgraded to a House for Halloween Horror Nights

Universal has announced the next intellectual property house for 2018 and it’s a great one – Trick ‘r Treat! You may remember it from Halloween Horror Nights 27 where it was a scare zone at Universal Orlando, but now it’s getting the full house treatment in Orlando and Hollywood!. The original announcement happened on the Halloween Horror Nights YouTube channel accidentally when the unlisted video was put into a playlist, which made it visible to the world, but now it’s official!

Universal’s official blog describes the house as:

We’re throwing you head first into the world of this cult Halloween film, and putting you in the middle of all the grisly scenes and demented characters. These guardians of Halloween will teach you the traditions of the holiday as you find out first hand the consequences of breaking those rules. With monsters around every turn, you need to pay attention…or suffer the ultimate fate.

And then there’s Sam who keeps a watchful eye over it all. He’s the keeper of the rules and the spirit of Halloween. He may look cute on the outside but you don’t want to get on his bad side… or the receiving end of his lollipop.

Trick ‘r Treat is based on the 2007 movie of the same name and is an anthology film centering on four different stories on Halloween night. The movie channels the idea of a classic Halloween perfectly and features the amazing original character, Sam. The director and creator of Trick ‘r Treat, Michael Dougherty, announced a sequel back in 2013, and stated back in 2017 that he hoped to finish up writing the sequel after his work on Godzilla: King of the Monsters is finished.

Besides the Trick ‘r Treat scare zone in 2017, Universal adapted another Michael Dougherty movie for HHN in the past with the Krampus house back in 2016. Trick ‘r Treat joins the lineup that currently includes Stranger Things and Dead Exposure: Patient Zero.

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