Buy tickets in Universal Orlando’s official app


If you’ve ever been the guest that has wondered how many ways you can buy Universal Orlando tickets, you can now add on a brand new way. Guests are now able to purchase tickets directly inside the Universal Orlando official app! The in-app update will make tickets available through a QR code that can be scanned at any turnstile.

But let’s get into the details that are important…

Tickets bought in the app can be scanned one of two ways. The first way is using the QR code in the app. The member of the party that bought the tickets can designate which ticket belongs to which person, but all tickets must be scanned on the purchasers phone. The second way is via PDF tickets that will be sent after tickets are purchased on the app. If you party won’t stick together the entire day, then this is the better of the two options.

If you purchased tickets online, they will not be available in the app and annual passholders are not able to buy their passes in the app at this time.

So, while this technology sounds intriguing and it could lead to Universal trying to make their app the only thing you need for park admission, Express, etc… right now it sounds like it is still more practical to buy your tickets online in advance or through a travel agent.

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