‘The Fountain of Fair Fortune’ Show at Diagon Alley

After months of going through re-writes, The Fountain of Fair Fortune puppet show finally debuted in early September at Diagon Alley. The Tale of the Three Brothers puppet show proved to be extremely popular from opening day and Universal wanted to absolutely nail the other Beedle the Bard tale featured in the new Wizarding World. Considering J.K. Rowling has said in the past that The Fountain of Fair Fortune was her favorite story from The Tales of Beedle the Bard, it wasn’t really an option to do this tale injustice. The tale is rather long and packed with details making it complicated to bring the story to life in ten minutes.

The Fountain of Fair Fortune tells the story of three witches – Asha, Altheda and Amata, as well as a muggle knight, Sir Luckless. Asha is so sick that on one is able to cure her, Altheda was robbed by a sorcerer leaving her poor and helpless, Amata is grieving after being left by her love and Sir Luckless has no luck at all as his name suggests. The witches are on their way to The Fountain of Fair Fortune where it is told an unfortunate is allowed to bathe in the waters once a year gaining fair fortune for life, but along the way they face three challenges and the ultimate challenge  – which in the group will bathe in the fountain?

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