Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan Set to Open in 2021

Universal Studios Japan sent out a press release today announcing that the much-anticipated Super Nintendo World will be opening in early 2021.

As we know, this will be the first theme park area based on the characters and worlds of Nintendo and will feature shops, attractions, restaurants, and experiences based around fan-favorites like Mario and Yoshi.


The new area will also offer a new special wristband – the Power Up Band – that will allow guests to immerse themselves in the world. Using the wristband, guests will be able to jump, hit blocks, collect virtual coins and items, and more to bring the experience of playing Super Mario games to the real world.


Prior to the opening of the new Super Nintendo World area, the world’s first Mario Cafe & Store will open in the Hollywood Area of Universal Studios Japan on October 16th. The new café and store will feature exclusive themed food and merchandise in an immersive and authentic atmosphere.


The exterior of the café and store will feature oversized Mario and Luigi hat sculptures, as well as the iconic red and green color scheme from the Mushroom Kingdom. The interior will include checkered floors based on the iconic Mario Kart racing flags, LED signs, and a luminous sky ceiling.


Guests will be able to order from a themed menu that features items such as Super Mario pancake sandwiches and cream sodas. They can even drink their favorite beverage inside a Super Mushroom Souvenir Bottle.


Located next to the café, the shop will offer merchandise with original Universal Studios Japan designs that feature characters including Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach. Guests will be able to accessorize and show off their iconic Mario looks! Stylish pouches, smartphone cases, key chains, and more will be available in the store.

While we don’t know the exact opening date, Universal Studios Japan stated that it is “coming soon.”

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  • November 10, 2020 at 8:02 am

    I hope they put Nintendo land in Florida and California and universal studio Houston Texas Nintendo land.


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