Universal’s ban on water bottles is lifted

Universal Orlando’s ban on bottled drinks coming into their parks has been lifted. Tom Schroder, Universal spokesman, didn’t give any further details. On Monday, guests coming into the parks were told that bottle drinks were no longer allowed and were asked to leave them at the entrance. Speculation was that this was an attempt to stop visitors to the park’s Mardi Gras event from bringing in alcohol, but this was never confirmed. People were more upset that this hadn’t been announced in advance, so lines to enter the park backed up quickly.

News source: Orlando Sentinel

One thought on “Universal’s ban on water bottles is lifted

  • February 21, 2015 at 1:41 pm

    They also are not legally allowed to prevent people from bringing water into the parks.

    Additionally those with dietary needs that can’t be met by the park cannot be restricted from bringing food in.

    Same goes for movie theaters and other venues that restrict outside food and drinks.


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