Depths of Fear House Announced for Halloween Horror Nights

We have another new house announcement for Halloween Horror Nights 29! The latest announcement is for an original house called Depths of Fear and it sounds pretty terrifying on paper. Universal promises that it will mix the “elements of the unknown with underwater elements, monstrous creatures and a countdown to disastrous fate.”

The main creatures that we’ll encounter in the house are “Mouthbrooders.” These creatures will spew flesh-eating acidic eggs at humans that will drive them into a madness fueled by an infection. This happens as you’re trapped in a claustrophobic mining installation underwater with plenty of the monsters and miners.

Here is the full story of the house as told by the Universal Orlando Official Blog:

The workers of a deep-sea mining company have found themselves in a dire situation. They’ve delved too deep and encountered a parasitic race of creatures that turn out to be deadly. Panic ensues as you find yourself encountering infected miners and acidic creatures. The pressure builds as the self-destruct sequence counts down to the inevitable implosion of the facility.

Depths of Fear is the fourth house announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2019 at Universal Orlando, which includes Stranger ThingsUniversal Monsters, and Nightingales: Blood Pit. The event kicks off September 6th and runs through November 2nd.

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