Halloween: Hell Comes to Haddonfield announced for HHN 26


Last night, the official Halloween Horror Nights Twitter account posted a cryptic video of a heart monitor looking device that played out a Morse code message. It didn’t take long for fans to decipher a message that everyone agreed on – Livingston County.

Livingston County in Illinois is where you’ll find Haddonfield, the town that is the main setting for the Halloween franchise. The heart monitor video gave off the impression that the HHN reveal would have something to do with hospitals, so when you connect hospitals and Livingston County you get… Halloween 2, which has now been officially announced as a Halloween Horror Nights 26 house!

The sequel to the John Carpenter classic picks up right where the first left off with Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) being rushed to the hospital after being attacked by Michael Myers. Michael discovers her location and makes his way to the hospital to finish her off.

Halloween was by far the best house of the 2014 season and it was a no-brainer decision to continue the story. Something about the John Carpenter score, mixed with the authentic set designs, and the nerve-racking thought of Michael Myers looming around every corner makes for a beautiful, yet terrifying house.

Based on how great the Halloween house was two years ago, you can add us to the excited list for this announcement. The idea of hearing “Mr. Sandman” by The Chordettes echoing around the house along with the theme score and the many, many Michaels is just too promising. You’ll be able to see the new Halloween house on both coasts this year.

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