The Exorcist will be terrifying guests at HHN 2016

If you ask horror fans what the scariest movie of all-time is, you’ll receive a variety of different answers from Jaws to The Shining, but one movie in particular is usually at the top of the list – The Exorcist. The 1973 classic, based on the novel of the same name, is downright disturbing. However, it lacks the cheap scares and gratuitous gore of most modern day horror films and that’s what makes it so special. Linda Blair’s portrayal of the possessed Regan MacNeil is just utterly terrifying at times and soon guests will be able to experience some of the best moments from The Exorcist at Halloween Horror Nights 2016.

The Exorcist will be featured at the event on both coasts in two VERY different experiences. Universal described each house in their official press release as such:

At Universal Orlando Resort, guests will see, hear, feel – and even smell – every iconic levitating, head-spinning, vomit-wrenching, skin-crawling moment from the film. They’ll be paralyzed with fear as they witness the power of the supernatural, scream uncontrollably as they become part of Regan MacNeil’s possession and run in terror as they try to escape the horrific battle between innocence and evil.

Universal Studios Hollywood’s The Exorcist maze will resonate as a real life interpretation of the demonic film, daring “Halloween Horror Nights’” guests to live the nightmare experienced by a tortured Regan and her determined mother. The maze will recreate some of the film’s most haunting scenes, ushering guests into its unparalleled terror as if their very souls were possessed by the devil.

This is the first time Halloween Horror Nights is tackling The Exorcist, but it sounds like the wait will be worth it. With the announcement of this house plus the earlier announcement of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, classic horror films will be on full display at Halloween Horror Nights.

Here is more information on The Exorcist courtesy of Michael Aiello, Director of Creative Development for Entertainment at Universal Orlando Resort, via the official HHN – Orlando Twitter account:

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