Dead Waters, Hive, The Fallen, and Scarecrow: The Reaping

For those who have attended Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, you know that they use actual movies and television shows to inspire their horrifying walk-through mazes and scare zones.

As we’ve already shared, this year’s event is no different and will feature popular films such as Insidious: Beyond the Further, SAW, and The Horrors of Blumhouse.

Not only do they use popular horror films already in existence, but they create their own too! As USA Today shared, one of the new walk-through mazes will take guests through a creepy, New Orleans paddle-wheeler that’s partially sunken and sitting in a murky swamp and has been overrun by a Voodoo Queen. Dead Waters reportedly has a musty, mildew smell as if the old river boat had been decaying there for centuries. There has even been a squishy-type material secured to the floor of the Dead Waters maze simulating a muddy bayou. Take a look at the video below along with some of the photos that were just shared:

HHN17 Dead-Waters3

HHN17 Dead-Waters7

HHN17 Dead-Waters

HHN17 Dead-Waters6

HHN17 Dead-Waters5

In addition to Dead Waters, there will be three more original mazes at this year’s event.

Scarecrow: The Reaping will take visitors to an abandoned, drought-ravaged farm haunted by ornery scarecrows.

HHN17 Scarecrow

HHN17 Scarecrow4

HHN17 Scarecrow3

HHN17 Scarecrow5

HHN17 Scarecrow2

The vampire-themed The Hive skewers more to the ferocious Nosferatu take on the monster than the classic, more suave Bela Lugosi version. It will be set in the 1980s and feature a period vibe.

HHN17 Hive

HHN17 Hive3

HHN17 Hive2

The Fallen will take place in an ornate cathedral and pit eternal winged creatures against mortals. Expect lots of stunts with the beasts leaping and flying overhead.

HHN17 The-Fallen2

HHN17 The-Fallen

The thought process and amount of creative work that goes into bringing these realistic scenes to life is astonishing. The team works on developing the narrative, sketches, and other details year-round; in fact, they’re reportedly already working on next year’s event!

Halloween Horror Nights begins September 15 and runs for a whopping 34 nights through November 4, 2017!

Source: USA Today

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