Toothsome Chocolate Emporium Lawsuit Has a Set Trial Date

A trial date has just been set for July 30, 2018, in an ongoing battle between Universal Orlando Resort and Ohio resident Adam Limle.

Originally filed back in August of 2016, the lawsuit surrounds the basis of the concept for Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen. Limle claims that the “restaurant and dessert attraction” was his idea. Universal has challenged Limle stating that he’s trying to claim general concepts and “a mixture of known ingredients” as trade secrets.

Earlier this year, the lawsuit survived Universal’s motion to dismiss, but according to the Orlando Sentinel, attorneys for both sides have “told Orange County Circuit Judge Donald A. Myers that they aren’t interested in talking anymore in a mediation session.”

David Oliver, Limle’s attorney, told Judge Myers, “Seasoned counsel on both sides of this dispute realistically appreciate that settlement is not an option in this case.”

Limle and his attorneys were recently sanctioned for failing to provide detailed answers to Universal’s requests and the judge warned that more sanctions could be on the way. Limle alleges that he had documents and correspondence with Universal but “can no longer provide dates or other details because emails and other correspondence were kept on a computer that was ‘accidentally destroyed’ back in 2012.”

Back in 2014, Limle did register a trademark for The Chocolate Factory. Three months before it opened, Universal changed the name of the eatery to use the word Emporium instead of Factory.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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