The Incredible Hulk is coming back with an… INCREDIBLE facelift


The Incredible Hulk Coaster is set to re-launch sometime this summer, but we still don’t have an exact opening date. However, we now have more details on what has changed with this recent update, besides the complete track overhaul, thanks to the official Universal Orlando blog.

Let’s start with one of the more exciting aspects – the train. The updated trains are sleeker, shinier and now feature an in-seat audio system featuring an original score created by Fall Out Boy lead singer, Patrick Stump. Now their performance at this year’s Mardi Gras makes more sense…


Next, the story is completely different. General Ross is looking for volunteers to be put through a “Hulk-a-fication” process that will expose you to gamma radiation and give you superhero strength and energy.


Because of the story change, the queue also had to undergo changes. The queue has been transformed into a military base where General Ross is conducting bio-radiological experiments, including the one in the Gamma core where volunteers will be ushered to.


Overall, it is nice to see The Incredible Hulk Coaster receive an update that now portrays a mature, serious look that is more in line with current Marvel designs. This look has also found its way to the entrance, which has also been re-designed and now shows the Hulk holding up pieces of the coaster that were salvaged from the track.

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