Harry Potter X RSVLTS Magically Drops Today

If you’re looking for the perfect shirt for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you must be taking a Felix Felicis potion. RSVLTS is dropping their brand new Harry Potter collaboration today with six new designs fit for any witch or wizard… or muggle.

The shirts are available on RSVLTS.com at 4:00 pm EST and the designs will be in various styles including classic for $70, women’s for $70, youth for $35, and pre-school for $39. The last round of Harry Potter X RSVLTS shirts are also available if you didn’t know they existed. Let’s take a look at the designs!

Dear Mr. Potter

This design is available in classic, women’s, youth, and pre-school styles and is perfect for any person waiting to get their letter for Hogwarts. The shirt is covered in Hogwarts letters set on a purple background and you’ll even find an owl.

Yer a Wizard, Harry

This design is available in classic and women’s and would be the best shirt to wear if you’re planning on riding Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. On the shirt, you’ll find Hagrid on his Motorbike, the cake he made for Harry, a Hippogriff, Fang, and best of all, his classic phrase.

Magic at Play

This design is available in classic, women’s youth, and pre-school styles and features plenty of graphic iconography from the world of Harry Potter. The shirt is Gryffindor colors, which is great if that’s your house, but you’ll see nods to the other houses, the quidditch pitch, and so much more.

Ollivander’s Boldest

This design is available in classic, women’s, youth, and pre-school and features a rainbow color set on top of a checkered backdrop, similar to what you’d see on a wizard’s chessboard, with different wands from your favorite characters.

Swish & Flick

This design is available in classic and women’s and is maybe the most understated of all the shirts. The back and grey shirt features the movements of different spells in the Wizarding World universe, so if you know then you know, but if you don’t then you’ll just be curious about the look.

Welcome to Hogwarts

The design is available in classic and women’s and features one of the most iconic scenes of all the Harry Potter movies – the first-year students sailing up to their new school.

Again, these shirts drop today at 4:00 pm at RSVLTS.com/HarryPotter, so act fast because styles and sizes can sell out. RSVLTS has a lot of shirts perfect for Universal, including their Minions designs, so browse while you’re over there!

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