12 facts revealed about Halloween Horror Nights 25

As Halloween Horror Nights 2015 gets closer and closer, the excitement is building. Props and sets have been popping up for weeks around Universal Studios Florida, but there is still so much that is unknown regarding the event. Sure we know the houses, scare zones, shows and their locations, but very little insight was given. Last week at a travel familiarization event, HHN Show Director Laura Wallace shared some extra details about HHN25.


1. Scary Tales: ScreamPunk

The Scary Tales scream zone (Avenue of the Stars)  will show off the best fairy tale characters with a steampunk twist. Oh, also a gruesome twist. For instance, Wallace said Cinderella will have her iconic glass slipper sticking out of her skull, while Prince Charming suffers a similar fate with a glass slipper through his heart. Still, can’t get much worse than Belle getting slashed and mauled by the Beast.

2. Asylum in Wonderland 3D

Asylum in Wonderland 3D (Shrek 4D Theater 2) will not focus solely on an insane adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic characters. The story concept of the house is could Alice be psychotic or is this bizarre world we are walking through actually real? To make this decision more difficult, Wallace announced that each room would warp back and forth between the two different worlds, making the experience even more maddening.

3. An American Werewolf in London

During the big #HHN25 reveal, we found out that An American Werewolf in London (Soundstage 22) would be an exact replica with a few additional scares that may even go unnoticed by some. However, one major change to the house will be the actual werewolf puppets. All of the puppets in the house are newly designed, making them more actor-friendly and will surely help increase the level of scares. Wallace showed off a short video of the new werewolves and the motion of the puppets is way more fluid and realistic than before.

4. Icons: HHN

Fans of the Storyteller, Caretaker, Usher and Director HHN icons are going to dedicate a good amount of time at Icons: HHN (Hollywood). Expect to see elaborately designed stages like the Face Off scare zone featured last year in the same area, but with a twist. Throughout the night, you’ll be able to see your favorite characters doing live kills on their stages. Each icon will showcase with two killings during a 45-minute set.

5. Roaming Hordes

What is Halloween Horror Nights like without the chainsaw-wielding roaming hordes? Not that great. For the 25th Anniversary of the event, Wallace said we will see the return of the Chainsaw Drill Team and Prisoners. And for those of you out there who are afraid of clowns and loud noises, you’ll also want to avoid the third roaming horde comprising of clowns with chainsaws. Good luck!

6. The Purge

The Purge (Tent 1) was a late addition to HHN25 after intellectual property issues prevented a Scream house from gracing us with its presence in the tents. Also, HHN just tackled the popular movies last year and no third installment to the film series was released this year to bring something new to the table. So, instead of repeating the past, Wallace said that The Purge house will be their own personal take and twists on The Purge story, which sounds like we’ll be getting an original-style house that is simply based on an IP. Could be promising.

7. The Carnage Returns

Bill & Ted’s will always be a staple of Halloween Horror Nights, but expect it to be the #2 show for HHN25. The Carnage Returns (Hollywood) is going to be huge. The massive stage has to be large enough for a character as popular as Jack the Clown, but also because their will be large-scaled illusions and acrobatic aerialists complete with scantily clad sexy dancers.

8. Pyschoscareapy: Unleashed

A lot has already been said about the Psychoscareapy: Unleashed scare zone (New York). In fact, a lot of props have already popped up all around New York including a messed-up gazebo that will be set on fire and exploding with 10-foot flames. One thing is missing that won’t be revealed until after Rock the Universe is over – blood. Wallace revealed that blood will cover the streets and buildings of New York, because what kind of block party massacre is clean and tidy? However, Universal wants to be respectful of guests attending the two-night Christian music event and not appear to be overly gruesome and disgusting.

9. The Walking Dead

Part of this event was a lights-on walk through Insidious (Tent 2) and The Walking Dead (B-79), but we were also asked not to share any details about either of the houses, which sucks. After The Walking Dead had the largest house in HHN history last year, a lot of people were hoping it would go out on a high. Well, it’s back this year with a very condensed version of Season 5. By condensed, I mean there are locations being ignored that were part of massive story arcs during this past season. However, tightening up the house could make this year’s house the best Walking Dead house since its first year considering there are supposed to be MORE walkers than ever before AGAIN.

10. Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. Two classic horror icons going up against each other in a house that puts us in the middle moving from Camp Crystal Lake to 1428 Elm Street. Freddy vs. Jason (Soundstage 24) will take some cues from last year’s AVP, but this year there will be a victor. Each time you walk through, you might even experience a different victor than the time before. Live actors will be representing the two characters throughout the house, but Wallace also made a comment implying video would be used in the house. She didn’t go into any further details about video usage and could’ve possibly just screwed up and said the wrong thing, but we’ll see if it’s included soon enough.

11. All Nite Die-In: Double Feature

During the HHN25 reveal, we found out that the All Nite Die-In scare zone (San Francisco) would represent both classic and modern horror films. Black & white characters will roam the streets while their respective movies are playing on the Carey drive-in movie screen before transitioning to color and present-day films. We expected to see classic monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula and more in their black & white forms, but not a lot has been said about which modern movies would be represented. Well, Wallace said expect to see characters from The Purge and The Strangers… and also Chucky and Tiffany, the bride of Chucky. Sounds extremely promising, as long as Jennifer Tilly has not provided any voice work for Tiffany this time around.

12. Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem

Last but not least, 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem (Soundstage 21) is being touted as the best of the best. We know that we will see the return of some of the best HHN houses ever (I’m personally excited about having more H.R. Bloodengutz back in my life), but Wallace was also able to reveal the scale of this house. There will be 15 rooms throughout the entire house, more rooms than ANY other house in HHN history and Jack the Clown will be appearing all throughout the house in different forms for your entertainment.


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