Freeze Ray Pops, Pop-A-Nana & Bake My Day Soft Open

Minion Land soft opened today, June 17, at Universal Orlando Resort! Minion Cafe opened along with Freeze Ray Pops, Pop-A-Nana, and Bake My Day. Illumination Theater also opened giving guests a chance to meet the Minions and characters from Sing. Let’s take a look at the snack spots you can find in the land if you don’t want a full quick-service meal.

Freeze Ray Pops

Freeze Ray Pops is going to be super popular this summer. This kiosk features popsicles and specialty frozen desserts. The three that most people are going to want are the specialty popsicles. They cost $8.99 and there is Gru (Nutella), Vector (Creamsicle), and Minion (Blue Banana). Regular popsicles are $5.99 and include Mango, Strawberry, Coconut, Blueberry Lemonade, Cotton Candy, Cheesecake, Lemon Mint, and Cookies & Cream.


This popcorn kiosk sits outside of Minion Cafe and serves not only regular popcorn for $5.19 but also banana popcorn for $6.69. They were having issues with it today, but that happens during a soft opening. Besides popcorn, you can buy the two specialty drinks from Minon Cafe: PX-41 Punch (Lemonade with bright flavors of strawberry and kiwi with angry Minion-colored topping and Blue Raspberry Pop Rocks) and The Antidote (Oodles of banana flavor with Minion-colored topping and graham cracker crumbs). Both drinks are $6.99 and come in a special cup. Pop-A-Nana also offers Wells Banana Bread beer for adults looking to join the fun. Souvenir popcorn buckets are available to purchase.

Bake My Day

Bake My Day is both a gift shop and a bakery. The theme is sugar overload and if you like unicorns that are so fluffy that you can die then you’ll love the store. The baked treats include macarons, s’mores, cake pops, cookies, and plenty more goodies.

Minion Land will be completed this summer with the opening of Villain-Con Minion Blast, but the rest of the kiosks, shops, and Minion Cafe should be open daily.